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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traveling Day (18th)

Yes, it's blurry but I have to have at least one people picture.

Hawaiian Airlines


Cascade Mountains
Landing in Maui

It was hot!
Our traveling day was crazy! We landed a little early and went shopping at Costco, Walmart, Lowes, & our storage unit. We then went out to dinner, came back to a completely empty room to stay in and slept on mats on the floor. It's definently different but we're having a good time & making progress.


  1. Wow Ruth! I didn't know you were headed to Maui too?!?!? was this a surprise for you? Good luck on the unit!

  2. Thanks:) Well we have been talking about it ever since our May trip but I didn't really think I would end up going. We decided about a month ago that Sue & I should go & help out!