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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 8 (26th)

Sue's getting converted:)
Sue & I washed the truck this afternoon
Sue bearing with my sunset picture taking

The first two pics are from yesterday. We had the microwave for the first time so we made popcorn. The one of dad with that thing is because he found a box under the bed and didn't know what was in it. He finally opened it and there were these weird pieces like the one in the picture. Well, a repair man came today & we showed him and he knew what they were. Chess pieces:) The pieces were huge!

Today we went down to the pool for about an hour and then tried to go to Makena. As you can see in the video, it was raining so we went to another beach. We then came back and cleaned...the house. We also washed the car. Someone thought it would be fun to put soap in my flip-flops. Ya.... Sue went with me one last time to take sunset pics. We then walked all the way to Tutti Frutti's and got a yogurt. Full day for sure but relaxing. I'm so ready to come home to everyone.

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  1. We are ready to have you back home! Sounds like you did a lot. I enjoy your pictures and want to learn to make videos like that soon. :)