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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 7 (25th)

Old TV area repaired
The bathrooms are done
Bathroom & Closet
Getting ready for the big rug

The rug is really nice!

At Daniel's room hooking up the Wifi. It works!!!

Today we finished almost all the painting. We had the bathrooms, trim & the three posts by the kitchen to do. Mom decided she wanted the posts tan instead of brown. We now need to paint the white square on the red wall where the old tv used to be. We got all that painting done by 12 and went down to the pool area till 3:30. It was nice & hot! The microwave is finally in place as well. We can now have microwaved popcorn!!!:) We also got the big rug for the living room. It definently adds a nice touch. Getting that in place was quite the show. We had dinner and then went down to Daniel & Kaylee's and hooked up the wifi. We're down to small details now. I think this was the first day that was 1/2 way relaxing.


  1. We're all ready for you guys to come home, although I'd like you to have at least a little more relaxation :)
    The boys miss you.
    Maybe you can take one more video right before you leave....

    See you Thursday

  2. Good morniing!
    Looks beautiful!! Thank you, Lord! I have lots of work and the days are racing by; can't wait to see you ( I think I've said that before! ). You'll be coming home to beautiful weather ( that's always nice ). I guess I'll see you ( Sue ) on Thursday when Joanna will bring you down. ( talk to them ). Bless you all and pray for Pam ( today's the day for the surgery ).....God is, mama m

  3. Ignorant Fisherman - I'm ready to come back too. I think i started really missing them a few days into the trip. Alright I will. Maybe when I get back I could use your computer to make a before/after video from my Canon footage.

    Marilyn - I'm glad for you that your busy. It usually makes the time go by quicker. I'm glad the weather is nice too. Thanks for the comment the other day about the sermon from Sunday. Always good to hear. We will.