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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 2 (20th)

Mom cleaning up the outside area
Before we started painting the living room
Sue crankin' out the painting
Me taking off all the plug-in fixtures
Painting done in living room except for details
Dad loading the TV into the truck (iPhone pic)
TV & stand
Chairs & Table (really classy)
Hallway area (Before)
Hallway area (After)

Fruit on the tree (I don't know what kind)

Birds on the lanai
Sunset by Kam 1

Today, Dad & I went to Sears and got the TV for the living room and bedroom. Sue & Mom stayed back and finished the painting and other unfinished details. We then painted most of the hallway area a tan color, over the light blue that was there before. An electrician came today cuz we couldn't get the electricity for the fans to function. It's working now and we should be able to put them up tomoro. The delivery men brought the table & chairs and also the TV stand as well. It's starting to look really nice I think. We went to the pool after everything was delivered and took a break for a while. It was a long day and hopefully by tomoro Dad can relax a little more and we can get the rest of the work done for him.


  1. nice sunset shots. --- it looks like mom is having fun. I never even thought of the outside gardening...she'll probably enjoy that.

  2. We appreciate the updates and pictures. We are glad you are enjoying your adventurous vocation. It's looking really nice!! We'll be waiting for you to get back as our new neighbors :)

  3. Looks like its coming along!

    PS - Your Mom looks like she is enjoying herself :)

  4. I wrote two differnt comments this morning and neither one posted 'cause i neeed help! So now I know how to do it. I am very thankful that Sue is over there with you and really really apppreciate these blogs. I was thinking how we don't really know what the Lord has for us,'cause three weeks ago we had no clue about this trip., so..we can really trust Him and know that He has good things for us. Bless you and keep pouring out your life for the body...Call me anytime, Sue:0) mama m:0)

  5. Good job girls!!! Your mom kinda looks like my grandma in that pic. Keep plugin away!!!