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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 1 (19th)

Before we got started on the kitchen
1/2 way done with painting in here
Getting some order
Sue eating her lunch
Me getting payroll ready for everyone at home
Mom likes it!
All the appliances came today except the microwave
It still needs some order
So today we painted the kitchen, wiped out all the cupboards and put shelf lining in them. We also cleaned the floor so that the appliances could be installed. Mom and Dad we're out for most of the day looking for furniture... It's all coming along slowly but I think we will all be a little more relaxed
when we get the couch and TV:)


  1. Wow! nice paint job. Good color choice. looks like alot fun, I'm sure you will get to know each other better after this adventure. I feel like i'm missing out on the action a little. Have Fun

    Love your sister Jo

  2. Wow good job you guys!!! I agree about the couch and TV:) I didn't even know you guys were headed there!!! Good luck!!

    Ps it's probably easier to paint and clean when in Maui:)

  3. Joanna -Tthanks, we are having a good time & I agree I think we will. We realized yesterday we had a whole week to go still:) We will.

    Christine - We're getting the TV right now! Yes I think it's easier except it's really hot & we wana get outside. We're crankin it out tho.

  4. Looks good Ruth!

  5. Looking forward to more pics....we just finished that clear mask job....
    what about a little video on your youtube channel of whats been done so far.

  6. Ignorant Fisherman - I looked at the video and the car looks really good. Hopefully we get some more when I'm back. I emailed a short video of what we've done but I'll take a better one tomorow and post it.