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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 3 (21st)

Bedroom (Before)
(After) We still have around the edges to do
Starting on the other walls in the bedroom
Almost done
Last wall in bedroom
Finished except for edges

Painting the inside of closet
Wall before hallway
The fan in the living room
Mom's shopping spree
Unloading everything
Eating Maui Taco at the new table
Check out the feet! He's happy with his chair tho.

We accomplished a lot today. Dad will have both fans hung by tonight and we painted almost all of the bedroom including the ceiling & trim. Dad put a new door knob on one of the closet doors cuz there was no key for it. We also painted by the door, under the table area and one more wall by the hall. We finished the other side of the hall today as well. The floor is 1/2 way clean and things are looking a little more in order. Also the red wall in the living room is done and the rest of the shelf lining in the kitchen is taped down and in place. This morning we started working around 8. We took a quick lunch break and then worked till 2:30. It seemed like 8:30 by the time we were done. Mom just got back from shopping and she got all the pots and pans, knifes... We couldn't think of what else there was to buy when she called and said the car was packed full:) She also picked up the big rug for the living room. Mom's an expert at making a house a home.


  1. Looking good!!! I like the picture of the stuff pouring out of the car. What's on the docket for tomorrow?

    We'll be going camping tomorrow night, saturday, & sunday, so i'll be sending some pics of the boys.

    We all miss you...say hi to sue, and mom and dad
    from David, Joanna, David, & Matt

  2. Just curious, how did you take the picture of all you guys at the table:)??? It looks like it's really coming along. If you like shave ice I'll say please eat one for me:)

  3. Looks like things ar coming together... Now you are both fully equipped:0) Bet you're not going to become housepainters:0) Actually, all this is right up my prayers and thoughts are with you and I can't wait to see you again and the days are speeding, well, you know..glad our life is in Him...if you get too lonely, just call me;0) mama m

  4. Ruth- I'm so excited for you! That's looking nice! Enjoy (and eat a Maui Wowee bar for me while you're there- the best ones are the raspberry dark chocolate!!!!~delicious!!!).

    I paused on reading blogs for just a couple of days and that's the time when the most happens (or the most gets posted that is)! I'm glad to have checked yours. Enjoy~~~ p.s.- Say 'hi' to Sue for me :)

  5. Hi Ruth. Looks nice! I really like the paint colors. Enjoy the sun and of course each other! I couldnt quite tell from the video, is there one bedroom or two? Well bless you all and have fun. :)

  6. Christine - I brought my tripod & there's a setting on my camera that once i focus...the camera it takes ten seconds to take.

    Marilyn - No, I won't be becoming a house painter:) it's not too bad tho. Thanks. I'll tell Sue.

    April - Ok, I'll tell her.

    Miranda - it's a one bedroom. The living pronly looked like another room.

  7. Looks like alot of Fun Ruth!! tell everyone i say hello..oh and thank your momm for the gift she left me! see ya soon.