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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 4 (22nd)

New rug in bedroom
The dresser, two nightstands & the bed arrived today

Mom taking the shade down to clean it
Painting the last wall in the living room
Clean curtains and shades
Patio furniture
Fisherman at Makena
Sunset from last night
Tonight's sunset

This morning we had to get the bedroom painted before 10 so that the man with the bed, nightstands & dresser could deliver them. We got that done in time, cleaned the floor & laid out the rug where the bed would be going. We also finished most of the trim & painted the last wall in the living room. We're pretty much all done with the painting now. We're still waiting on the couch, but besides that, a lot of things are delivered and done. We're gona paint the bathrooms tomoro, clean up and then take the rest of the day off. Today we we're out in the sun for awhile and, well...there's a reason there's no pictures of us after:) I miss everyone and will be really ready to be back when the time comes. Sitting at the pool with no one splashing me or chanting my name, well...let's just say the time goes by alot slower. Without the people, just another place. We're having a profitable time tho. We will probly go to the beach on Sunday & as you can see, I'm taking lots of pictures.


  1. Ruth those are some really nice shots of the sunset. I'm hoping you can take some time to relax a little now. When I talked to dad - he just said you and sue were working pretty hard. Sitting around the campfire here this morning......yes....with my iPad. No one has laughed at me yet.

    Were surrounded by a bunch of hicks.....we fit right in.

    We're going out on a little boat here in a while to troll for can tell mom we have life jackets for the boys.

  2. Thanks. Me too. Ya we have been but I think Dad & Mom are happy with how it's turning out. Today should be more peaceful I think. We might walk to The Shops & then down by Local Boys instead of just sitting at the pool for five hours.

    That's funny:) I'm suprised you have service.

    That sounds fun. Is Joanna going out there? I'll let mom know. I'm glas to hear that too.

  3. Thanks agin Ruth! I feel as though I'm there
    with you ( Ha )..Beautiful shots....I just talked with Sue for a bit..sounds like it's all happnin' according to you'll be glad to sleep on a couch tonight! Sue, your room is staying so nice and clean! ( But I miss you )...mama m