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Monday, December 5, 2011

Two Teeth Pulled In One Night

Jack's happy to have it out:)
Saving their teeth
Jack writing his name
Jesse was brave
Two boys with missing teeth!

Jesse & Jack both lost a tooth tonight. Jack looked like he had candy in his mouth but when we asked him what it was he said it was a loose tooth. We went to the kitchen to get a napkin and to pull it out. Jesse II was already their tho, pulling his out with his dad. We watched his come out and then Grampa helped Jack because Joel wasn't there. It was entertaining!


  1. Ruth - I so much appreciate all your posts. I look forward to the latest reports and videos of our grandchildren, their cousins, friends, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It's a way for me to stay connected so when I see them all in person, it doesn't seem like it's been a long time. The children are so blessed to have an auntie/teacher who loves them, reproves, teaches, preaches and has SO MUCH FUN WITH THEM!! I know it takes time and energy to keep up with this, but I also know you're receiving a lot too while you're giving in this way. I thank you. Grandma Krawczyk

  2. How brave of these children to be able to smile after losing their teeth. I wish all children would be as brave as these two, so parents and dentists won't have a hard time communicating with them.

  3. Are they twins? It does feel good to see brave kids, ready to flash a smile, even after losing teeth! With that kind of attitude, you will not have a hard time bringing them to the dentist. I really admire your boys! I can’t imagine any other boy pulling out his tooth.

    -Nannie Livingstone

  4. No they're not twins, they're cousins. I was surprised too, that they didn't cry...