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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas With Great Grandparents

Jack & Audrey
Luke's new shoes
Marian's excited

Great Grandma holding Mark for the first time
Jesse waiting for a prize
Rip it open!

Go Seahawks!!! 
Spacing out:)

Just what he needed 
New umbrella
Taking it easy 
Finally waking up for the action 
Our new chairs 
Taylor & Grampa looking at her presents
Isabella's new baby
All the grandkids (except Matt) with Great Grandparents

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  1. Sorry I am so late in commenting on the great pix when everyone opened their "prizes"and it was such a fun time. It was so great to see everyone and all the 12 extra blessings. We went to Jan's Christmas Day for dinner and got to see her little granddaughters, ages 4 and 7. Have been taking down lights and decorations and think all is finally done. Thanks for all the Bday pix too. Love, Grandma