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Friday, December 2, 2011

Field Trip To Find A Hermit Crab

Getting ready to go!
Looking at the fish
Molly & Allison
Checking out the birds
Grama Marian shows Marian the mice...
Matt & Jack
Trying to take a group shot
Audrey & Marian
David & Matt
Jack & Jim
Picking out a hermit crab
Jack got to sit in the front
David James
Matt drinks his coffee
The crabs new home

The Rainbow Class & Kindergarten made a goal that if they sung O-B-E-Y at the Open House they could get a hermit crab. They sung the song & did a good job so we went on Wednesday to get the crab. Christal & Grama Marian drove the girls & I got to drive the boys. They had a good time & got a Starbucks at the end of it all. We don't have a name yet for the crab because the kids haven't decided if it's a girl or boy. We will see what happens!

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