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Friday, October 5, 2012

Youtube Video Clips From The Last Couple Weeks


  1. Thanks, Ruth. While I don't check your blog routinely- I do enjoy watching, reading, and/or listening to anything you put on here related to the children you are giving to and being with. Thank you.

    P.S.- Regarding Videos/TOTAL VIDEO EXCITEMENT!!! -
    It's amazing how Keith Green's music in a video combined with children steeped in scripture making a video together reminds us of our heritage here! I really liked the videos, and kept watching different ones of yours that popped up after one had finished. (I never planned on spending a long time in front of the computer, in fact I meant to just take a peek at your blog. However (ahem), time flies!:) Thanks,

  2. I have enjoyed all of your pictures of the birthdays and the new baby girls. They are so beautiful. I have new pictures your mom sent and replaced the older ones on the fridge. So fun to look at them every day and have a smile. We are thankful. Love, Grandma