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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three Birthdays

On Friday night we had Jesse, Mark & Grama's birthdays. Jesse & Grama's birthday was the 9th & Mark's is the 15th so we had them all together.

Jesse II

David & Maria
David James & Maria 
Birthday triplets:)
Mark liked the candle!
Not too interested..yet
Serious stuff:) 
Birthday Cake!!!
Eating tires him out!


  1. Thank you, Ruth! Very nice pictures... Parties are such a good platform for some preaching! I am thankful that the Preached Word is present at such occasions otherwise birthday cake and birthday songs have a hallow ring to them ... ( I finally figured out my problem with posting... the "Prove you are not a robot" has numbers too!!!! I would just give up after the ten attempts to prove I wasn't a robot by copying the letters ;)

  2. Nice Christal! Wish we could have been there.