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Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Ruth Bars & Pajamas

When I was born someone bought a bunch of Baby Ruth bars and we took a picture of our family all holding them. I used to get the bars every year for my birthday depending on how old I was. This year for my birthday someone got me 21 bars! It had stopped by the time I was 12 I think so this year it was kind of a joke to give me that many:) I couldn't eat them all so I gave them to the grandkids and my mom wanted a picture of me with them.

21 years later...

The Lord has been faithful...
Taylor & Gloria
Matt & David 
Marian & Audrey
Matt, Jim, Jesse, Jack & David
Almost every Monday night my mom will let all the grandkids get in the hot tub/pool and then come in and get pajamas on so they're ready to be done by the time they get home. It gets pretty crazy!!!

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  1. Glad to see you put that "joke" to good use. We knew you had many friends that would help you enjoy them! God has been very good to us & faithful! It is such a blessing to see the children growing up in tradition as well!