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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Point Defiance Park

I think David could have stayed all day to take pictures.

Matthew knows how to bug me:) 

The day we went to the zoo, we stopped on the way back at this garden and David & I took pictures. There were rows of different colored roses & other flowers. I want to go again some time with a 100-400mm lens or a Macro. David James took lots of pictures too and was yelling half the time for us to smell the flowers:) Matthew, on the other hand, enjoyed playing in the gravel & didn't really notice the flowers. We we're getting ready to leave and he had two handfulls of rocks he was gonna bring home for his frog.


  1. Beautiful pictures Ruth. I realy like Davy's face when he is concentrating on taking a picture.:-)

  2. Those are beautiful! Must have been fun having a photo-taking-partner with you.