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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Help w/ Blogging

I accidentally deleted an earlier post. I can repost it but it deleted the comments. Does anyone know of a way to reset my blog page to an earlier date?


  1. Best shot- go to your dashboard and hit the blue Help button (from there, you should be able to enter your 'blogger question' into the search form.)

    One solution I found helpful:
    Repost the post. Go to your email inbox and open the email regarding your blog 'comments'. Copy the comment. Make sure your blog comments are set to allow comments from anyone (e.g.- not just a google user, etc.). In comments, use the name of the person who sent the comment, then paste their comment into the comment field. Then press send. The comment will then appear on your blog under their name.

    P.S.- You can always change your comment preferences after you've done the above steps. Just go on to: settings, comments, who can comment, and there you have it.