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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Open House Photo Booth

Carolyn took these pictures.

Joan & Cameron
Taylor & Amy

Mike & Cathi Carrigan

Violet, Beth, Melody & Isabella 

Nate & Juliet Williams
John & Amy O'Brien
Amy & Erin

Rose O'Connor & Ben

Floyd & Elizabeth Setterlund
Steve & Molly O'Brien 

Martin & Erin

Mark, Isabella, John & Matt


  1. Those are nice! Even though our family is a little out of focus. ;-)

  2. Love the pictures...small correction but I believe Nate is with Clara and the picture of Naomi with Helen and Lucy is Juliet. Jo M. Great picture of Floyd and Elizabeth!

  3. Thank you! What a nice thing to do for all of us :-) My first family photo since Susie was a week old!