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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow, Snow & More Snow...

Tuesday night it snowed like crazy so no one went to work on Wednesday. Instead, we built an igloo that was almost 6 feet tall! Everyone was over for at least 5 hours and it was a lot of fun. Grama made Hot Chocolate, brownies, popcorn...& everyone else was outside for a lot of the time. It's a miracle that almost all of our family can get together and enjoy being with each other; not just the activity but actually the people. Without the Preached Word it
would not be possible.

Below are a few pictures of the day. I didn't put too many pictures up because the first Youtube video below the pictures is a slideshow of the day. The video below that, is a time-lapse of us making the igloo. I'm in the process of making a nature video as well & I'll post that later. If you like, click on my Youtube Channel link (located on the right side of my blog) to see a few of us being pulled behind Grampa's RTV on snowboards & toboggans. Also, I have updated my Flickr account (also on the side) with a lot of nature pictures I took over the last few days. I hope you enjoy them. Please let me know what you think:)

Sarah & I both wore this outfit when we were her age

Frozen rose
Feed the birds... 


  1. My second try in posing this comment. Thanks for all the great pictures and winter fun, plus Grampa John's birthday, also Jack's, and the gorgeous sunrise and sunset photos. Wish I could have been there to get a ride in that snow, and part of the birthday gatherings, but because of your pictures, got to see it all. Love, Grandma

  2. Amen to living by the preached Word. We are very blessed indeed. That igloo video is pretty amazing!