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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making Pickles With Grama

Getting ready to go to the farm

At the farm waiting for the rest of the kids

The girls dressed up as "farm girls"

Picking out the right cucumbers to make pickles out of

We got 100 cucumbers

The three-year-olds

Finding the right grape leaf to put in the jar.


  1. That looks fun. Can't wait till Isabella can join in.

  2. I have enjoyed the pictures very much - first, all the school pictures, and especially the pickle making pictures - it's great that everyone gets to take part, from getting the cucumbers to the end result. Great job, Kathy - letting them all help - it all makes good memories. We have also been canning peaches and pears - wish all of you could have been here too, but Grampa and I got it all done ok. Love you all - Silverton Grama